Tim Grover is one the most legendary trainers in the world. He is known for training Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, and countless other superstars. His training philosophy is simple: you give me 110% every second for the rest of your career, and I’ll make you into an unstoppable force that cannot be beaten.

This harsh but true training mentality is what has given Tim Grover’s players so much success. They know what they are getting into, and they want it like a shark that smells blood. This is one of the most truthful books that I’ve read. It’s goes into what it takes to be a cold-hearted winner and doesn’t shy away from the loneliness, darkness, and sometimes sad world that you have to immerse yourself into in order to become the greatest ever.

Tim says - “Cooler, Closer, Cleaner… good, great, unstoppable.”

Tim Grover calls truly relentless and unstoppable people Cleaners. It’s his name for the ultimate competitors and achievers who refuse to be satisfied with just trying or merely giving it their best.

Coolers are good. Closers are great. Cleaners – people such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Dwayne Wade – are unstoppable.

Tim tells us that in order to achieve our dreams and get what we want we have to take steps in that direction. That means start taking responsibility for your actions. You’re always in charge. No matter what the result is. Never blame anyone else but yourself because you could have made a difference, and anyone who tells you that you can’t is a liar.

Work Hard. Hard Work > Talent. Hard work will beat talent every time. Those players that Tim Grover worked with, only lasted working with him because they wanted to succeed as badly as they wanted to breathe. They had the voracious desire to win and be the greatest of all time. They suffered through the pain and worked on their craft when everyone else went home or was out partying.

Kobe Bryant went to practice the day he got drafted in the NBA. ON THE DAY HE GOT DRAFTED. Name one other person that’s done that. I’ll wait. He was committed to being the best, and he worked for it.

Tim Grover has this challenge that he makes all his players go through if they want to train with him. He tells them to cut sugar out of their diet completely. The first day goes by and you should feel some pain, the second day you should feel a little more pain, but if by the third day you aren’t on the ground in excruciating pain then Tim knows you are lying and tells you to leave. He knows that the body will have such a withdrawal from sugar that you’ll be on the ground.

Tim is a leading expert in sports medicine and physical performance. He knows his shit. There is no bullshitting him when he tells you to do something.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you - Tim Grover. That is the core principle in the book. Do something that is a challenge and you’ll see the results. That’s the only way one can grow to become a better version of themselves.