Originals By Adam Grant

Adam Grant speaks on the different characteristics of individuals who are able to create change in this world. It’s tells a story on how to become a non-conformist through a slew of case studies describing people that have created great change in the world by going against social norms.

Some of stories are about famous entrepreneurs such as the Warby Parker founders, while others are about the leaders of the Serbian revolution that used unique tactics to overthrow the current regime. Adam Grant takes a very scientific approach to change, and the people that have created the most change in the world. This approach provides valuable data and insights into how people think, move, and act. The book spans a wide variety of individuals; however, each individual challenges the long-held beliefs of processes of change, and finds commonality among them. The Age of Disruption is not necessarily an age of time because it’s been a continuous occurrence such as the discovery of fire, the steam engine, battery powered vehicles, and so forth. Disruption is the ability to change what we know now into a better system that provides benefits to others. That’s exactly what this book helps us understand, and it teaches how to become more Original ourselves.

The greatest Originals are much more similar to ourselves than we think. They have the same flaws: procrastination, doubt, fear, etc. But, the way these individuals decide to act even when feeling these emotions separates them from those that go along with the norms without ever questioning why things are done the way they are.

Originals is a book that gives you the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest individuals in the world that have changed the way we now live. It will not only change the way you think, but it will also change the way you live your life.